Emotional Health: What We Believe

Emotional Health

Emotional health is part of our overall health. We exist as beings who live simultaneously on four different planes. The four planes are Spiritual/mental/emotional and physical.  

One of these planes Spirituality is always healthy. That is the nature of Spirit.  We don't need to look for the health of Spirit. It is always there.  Call it Nature, Life, Christ, Buddha.  There is something which is always healthy and providing life.  

The other three planes physical, emotional and mental are subject to periods of upset, confusion and distress.  Illness is an expression of this experience.   

All three of these planes physical, emotional and mental are capable of feeling pleasant, neutral or unpleasant at any time. This potential doesn't change or go away. Each of us is constantly experiencing a present moment that is made up of physical, emotional and mental energies mixing together.

Feeling healthy means feeling pleasant physically, emotionally and mentally all at once.  Health requires balance and balance requires keeping an eye on the presence of Love as our Source. When we forget about the Unity of life we immediately focus on one of the other three aspects: physical, emotional or mental, and often the problems encountered there.   How long do we look at the physical before it becomes emotiona and mental?  

Feeling ill happens when we see ourselves separated from the Unity of all Life and leads to various forms of physical, emotional and mental unpleasantness.

Feeling well is a matter of  balance and  movement between these four pieces of the individual self:  physical/emotional/mental/Spiritual.    What happens in one happens in the others.  

Why focus on Emotions?

If there are four parts to the self, why focus on the emotional so much? Doesn't that skew the way we see ourselves? Aren't we going to just magnify negative feelings and end up feeling worse?

We are focusing on the emotional because the physical and mental have been much more thoroughly looked at and written about. The mechanics of emotions are not as well understood, in part because we just haven't spent as much time considering them

Emotional Imbalance

When our lives feel imbalanced or out of control, we have forgotten our Spiritual nature and become focused on the world, the world of  forms, feelings and thoughts. Our purpose here is to bring mindful awareness to our selves, that we might keep them in balance.  Mindfulness can help us return to a balance between our bodies, feelings, thoughts and the Unifying Power that is all Life. 

Emotional Indigestion

Feeling well is a matter of balance and movement between these three pieces. What happens to one happens to the others. If we don't keep our emotions moving we develop problems in our mental and physical bodies. 

When our perception becomes stopped on the negative in any one of the three lower levels of Life, we begin to feel stuck.

 1.Physical    2.Mental    3.Emotional      4.Physical    5.Mental 

Constant balance and movement is necessary for Physical, emotional and mental health. Keeping our selves mindful of the changing nature of Life helps us clear up emotional indigestion and get back to the present moment, where things are still moving and growing. Each of us is in charge of keeping our emotions moving in a direction we choose as worthwhile. This moment to moment choosing is part of mindfulness, an intention to experience the good of life right now.

But why is it so hard to change the way I feel?

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