Your influence as a father


Our Influences are: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual. 

These four areas are constantly interacting in us and influencing our children. If we don't pay attention to what is happening in our body, emotions, thinking and spiritual awareness,  how can we steer those elements? How can we direct our influence through those elements in our children?   


Giving close attention to the physical relationship we have with our children allows us to touch them in loving, supportive ways. We may for example make an effort to touch our children, regardless of their ages, with loving hands.  Hugging our children with open, loving hearts is a profound experience for them, offering them physical acceptance and approval.  A touch with our hand or hug with our arms can say I am here for you now. Nothing in the past matters, I am here now for you.  

Did you receive that from your father, grandfather?  This physical touching with love can take many forms from carrying and caring for an infant through embracing an older child, or simply putting your hand on your adult child.   

Our voices are part of our physical interaction with our children. The tone and volume we use are part of our touching. Loud, harsh, bitter words are seeds. Just as calm, quiet assuring words are seeds. The choice to use our voices in kindness is practice in the direction of healthy growth for us and our children.

This physical emphasis includes also our listening and looking.   Do we practice paying deep, loving attention to our children?   Do we know how to bring ourselves back from our thoughts and other sensory distractions to be fully with them?  

We can practice physically loving our children with our ears, eyes, words, hands, but not without the intention to do so.

Right now commit to physical statements of love to your family.